Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Extension

On Thanksgiving Day a few years ago I asked myself, “Do I want to battle through the crowds of eager shoppers tomorrow?” 

The prices will be great. The merchandise -- extravagant and sleek! So many things I would like to try to live with, or give as Christmas gifts! 

The process of big sale shopping is both stressful and delightful. But later I question my purchases. Where is the wisdom of saving on a few items but recklessly spending on others? 

What if I don’t go shopping on Black Friday? 

Will my husband care? No. He will feel much better. 

Will the merchants care? Yes, but they won’t know because I’m not going to tell them. 

So on that Friday a few years ago, and every Black Friday since, I stay home. While others charge into the city  to grab and buy, I relax with a good book or chat with holiday guests, and snack on tasty leftovers. 

But alas, I wrestle with an uninvited thought --

What if there is nothing left in the stores that I want after Black Friday? 


What then could I give on Christmas Day? 

Oh, got it! Here’s my shopping list: 

KINDNESS: I can give kindness to someone who is unkind to me, and I can be generous with those less fortunate.  

HUMILITY: I can put away  my “superstar” mentality and let the other person have the last word when we disagree. 

PATIENCE: I can restrain from negative reactions when others fail or disappoint. (My turn to fail will come plenty soon.) 

JOY: I can devote myself to the true meaning of Christmas and reflect my joy moment by moment. 

COOPERATION:  I can be more cooperative and less controlling, especially with my family. 

FORGIVENESS. I can forgive, just as Christ has forgiven me. Forgiveness brings mental health and heals relationships. Forgiveness is the best gift of all. 

Yes, I’m staying home on Black Friday. 

No, I’m not sorry. 

A Thanksgiving extension is a breather I need, much better than a throbbing headache, a flat wallet, and a VisaCard of debt!

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