Thursday, July 10, 2014

May I Introduce You to.....


     Our youngest grandkids, Em and Dan, along with their parents, just finished a 3-week visit with us. Em is just a month from age 3. After a few days warming up, she made Grandpa her absolute favorite person. “Rock Paper Scissors,”  “I got your nose,” and “Hide the marble” kept them jesting and laughing together day after day.
            Near the end of their vacation, the hullabaloo between the two gained momentum as never before. Em dreamed up her final solution to Grandpa’s wiles with an impish smirk:  “YOU AHR THE MEANEST PAHSON IN MAH WHOLE LIFE!” she yelled emphatically.
            Em's home is filled with love. She hasn't a clue to what the word "mean" really means -- and may she never. Just today via long distance phone Em refused to talk to me. “I want Grandpa…GRANDPA!” she insisted. Grandpa is her king, for now anyhow.
            Like most kids her age, Em’s attention span is about two minutes. “I want play clay, she says. So I find the play clay, but by then she wants a book. I find the book, but by then she’s playing with a train. “Grandma, would you put in a new battery?”
            Sure enough, dead battery. Are today’s kids born knowing electronics?

            Dan, age 6, is quieter and more serious. He spent much of his time building with Grandma's
fabulous yard sale find: A large magnet building set -- fun and educational. We searched through the house with him to find how magnets are used in surprising places. Electric can openers? Yes. Refrigerator and freezer door seals? Yes. On my sewing machine holding pins? Uh-huh.

            A large box of borrowed Legos® was another hit with him. He loves to invent his own gadgets. And thanks to his parent’s teaching, bandaloom® rubber bracelets were fun for him to not only make, but to give away. One for Grandma, one for Grandpa, one for Mom, one for Dad, and ten for Dan!           

     During the last week, we dug out our kids old card games. We ended up playing The Lorax. Dan loved the simple challenges of making "sets" and protecting them from the Once-lers and Bar-ba-loots. He also made "Battleship" his favorite game at his Aunt's home.     
 Gardening was another learning activity. I soaked beans overnight to help them to a speedy start. Dan carefully planted them, covered and watered them, a new experience for him. For exercise and extra fun, Em and Dan hiked with their parents and visited Dragon Hollow and Missoula Carousel.

            On their last evening here, as we finished supper, Em delivered a riot act of entertainment. Beating on an old water canteen, she stomped round and round the table bellowing out a song of her own invention. PANDABEAR PANDABEAR PANDABEAR PANDABEAR……  No one knows where she came up with “Pandabear” -- books probably, as she has been read hundreds almost from the day of her birth.

            Oh the joys of grand parenting! Now things are quiet. It’s an effort to get back to talking -- and behaving --  as adults once again!