Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Sweetheart Banquet

Something different

I want to give hubby something different on Valentine’s Day this year.

I have an idea.
You’ve heard of the 50-50 marriage?  He gives 50% and she gives 50%?

Well, for Valentine’s Day, I’m going to give 100 percent! No matter what. Yessirree, I’m gonna give 100%.  Even if he comes home late. Even if he doesn’t give me tiddlywinks.

If he comes home late

I’m not going to yell at him because we missed the Sweetheart Banquet. When I see his muddy torn jeans, I’m not going to remind him that the washer sobs and my Singer® moans.

If he comes home late, when I see his tracks across the fresh-mopped floor, I will zip my lips and hop for the mop.

If he comes home late and there is no rosy red heart-shaped box in his hand, I’ll be thankful he got home safely.

And ya know what else I’m gonna do if he comes home late?

I’ll light a pretty red candle for the table and play our stereo favorites. We’ll enjoy a quick “Bean Goody” emergency dinner. 

And then, I’ll listen and learn about his day

“I waited two hours to get the first of five permits we need for this job. Then the backhoe broke. They didn’t have the part anywhere in town.”

“I bought lumber and got it loaded. But on the way back, I ran out of gasoline. That truck gauge is screwed up!”

“A cloudburst soaked my clothes and the lumber while I walked for gas. When I got back, the tires had sunk into the mud. Thought I'd never get out!”  

“To top it off, I had to help Jay start his vehicle before we could leave for home.”

              Oh my.           

          Looks like someone else gave 100% today!

 “Sorry I couldn’t get to a phone. By the way, what’s the candle for?”

“Valentine’s Day. We missed the Sweetheart Banquet.”
“Today’s not Valentine’s Day.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”
“Tomorrow is the 14th. Isn't that the date of the banquet?”


“Okay. Then we'll have two Sweetheart dinners this year!”

“No. Let’s make it 365.”

© 1992, 2015 Char Pulliam